A Night at the Golden Duck


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A small zine encounter by Patrick Stuart and Scrap Princess, made in the cut-up style used in Fire on the Velvet Horizon.

A Night at the Golden Duck is an 8 page fold-out zine with five unique NPCs, the legend of a mysterious treasure which might provoke them to secret murder, and when folded out, a map of the Golden Duck Inn.

There is an answer to the mystery but since each NPC has different motives, secrets and abilities and will react differently depending on circumstance, there is no set path to the encounter, it could go differently each time.

[This was something of an experiment and in its construction a little flawed. in particular, the answer to the main mystery of the Golden Duck is on the map page, meaning you can't open the map in front of the players without them finding it out.

We advise doing some editing with a sharpie once you have read it yourself, or folding the paper over at the bottom.] - NOTE, OUR GENIUS HAS REVISED AND AMENDED THIS ANXIOUS FLAW.


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