VAT, ImportTaxes, Service Charges

We can cover VAT for the U.K. and for E.U. nations. This should have been taken care of as part of your postage price so if you live in one of these locations and get charged VAT then contact me and I will see what I can do.


Outside of the UK / EU many countries will have their own import taxes. These are mostly always applied on entry into the country (Some countries do have very high thresholds however and so the Taxes rarely gets applied). We can only cover and remit VAT for the UK and European Union. All other countries must be covered by the recipient.

So far as I know the threshold for the U.S. is $800, Canada is C$40.

If they hit you with taxes they may also hit your with a 'Service Charge'. This combined with the taxes has hit $20 for at least one Canadian customer. 

Please check the import taxes for your nation if you are ordering a lot of stuff, especially the threshold at which you will suffer these charges.