Speak, False Machine - Hardcopy


I have gone through through the entirety of 'False Machine' from August 2011 to August 2022 and specifically arranged every* post by subject and meta- subject, beginning with Eight Great Over-Chapters;

History of a False Machine
On Games
False Readings (short fiction)
Uncertain Worlds (world creation)
I Read a Book (book reviews)
Cryptoculture (everything cultural that isn't books)
Kleinplastik (small sculptures)
Each Main Chapter has smaller sub-chapters under it. For instance, the chapter 'On Games' has the following sub-sections;

Gaming Culture
Making Adventures
Within those sections each entry is arranged alphabetically.

*ALL of them? Really?

No. Stuff that has already appeared in a book won't be there (so the long development posts for Veins of the Earth are not there), and stuff that is intended to appear in a book yet to be printed is also not there. So actually its.. hold on let me check, just over three hundred, (some are multiple posts condensed into single articles, but roughly three hundred separate entries). Over 650 pages, over half a million words. All of this encoded in BASE REALITY, (which IS real) in an object so POWERFUL and so DENSE you could use it to kill a mouse! (Which you could do with most of my books, but this one could do it more quickly and painlessly).

Its ten years of creative effort in the palm of your hand! (Probably both hands unless you have strong wide palms.)

It’s a physical record of one part of a culture which is either passing from the world or changing drastically!


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